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Balance difficulties are common in MS, and can result from a combination of: MS lesions in various areas of the brain that are involved in the control of movement; the presence of weakness, tremor, and fatigue in the muscles involved in walking; and by symptoms such as visual problems and numbness.

Compensatory Strategies

Treating other symptoms that affect balance, such as spasticity, weakness, and tremor, can be of help. Balance can also worsen from being "out of condition," and a physical therapist with experience in MS can design an exercise program and teach helpful techniques. Hippotherapy (therapeutic horseback riding) may improve balance as well. Some individuals may benefit from Ritalin ® (methylphenidate), which is a medication developed for attention deficit disorder. The usual dose for this oral medication is 10 to 60 mg daily, normally taken 30 to 45 minutes before eating -or as your physician directs. Because it may cause difficulty sleeping, it is recommended that you take your last dose before 6:00 pm.

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