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MSAA's Shared-Management Tools

As a growing new philosophy strongly advocated by MSAA, "Shared Management" is a concept whereby both the patient and healthcare providers have a shared responsibility for working together and striving to achieve the best health outcomes. This critical need for joint decision-making between patients and healthcare providers becomes an effective strategy in helping to manage the complicated and ever-changing course of multiple sclerosis (MS).

When patients and their healthcare team are sharing information and working together rather than apart, the results of this teamwork can lead to great success. For example, if you are prepared for your doctor's visit with a list of questions and notes about your recent symptoms or concerns, then the discussion can be very targeted and focused on finding the appropriate solutions. It also allows your doctor to address your concerns in a very efficient manner, helping to maximize the time spent during your visit.

Additional benefits by implementing Shared Management include better communication and trust developed between you and your healthcare team. You may experience improved self-reliance and confidence in your ability to become more knowledgeable when discussing your medical needs. Also, by learning to be proactive, you may avoid certain situations that could require immediate crisis management.

Shared Management is a learned skill involving education, training, use of technology, and "tools" to promote healthy outcomes. To support this effort, MSAA is continuing to develop a series of tools to help members of the MS community to be proactive and take steps toward better health and an improved quality of life.

To date, MSAA has developed three programs as part of its Shared-Management philosophy. These three programs are as follows:

  • My MS Resource Locator® - an MS-specific, online database offering targeted information and unique support services, including detailed guides
  • My MS Manager™ - a mobile-phone application to track disease activity, store medical information, generate reports, and assist individuals with their treatment plan
  • MSAA's S.E.A.R.C.H.™ Program - tools to help individuals with learning about the approved long-term treatments for MS, along with questions to discuss with the patient's medical team

Individuals may also call MSAA's Helpline at (800) 532-7667 to speak with a trained Helpline consultant. Questions may be sent to MSAA's Helpline consultants via email to:

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