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General Information

Q. Does MSAA charge for its programs and services?

A. All MSAA programs and services are free of charge. There are income eligibility guidelines for certain programs including cooling, equipment, MRI Diagnostic Fund, and MRI Institute. Eligibility is based on three times the United States Federal Poverty Guidelines per number of people in the household. Programs with eligibility requirements include more details and a chart in their respective applications.

Q. Do you offer financial assistance to help me with my bills or prescriptions?

A. No, MSAA does not offer direct financial assistance funding for individuals. We are limited to the specific programs and services listed in our applications. For assistance in finding additional resources, please contact MSAA's Client Services Department at (800) 532-7667, extension 154.

Cooling Equipment Distribution

Q. Can I apply for the Cooling Equipment Distribution program throughout the year?

A. The MSAA Cooling Equipment Distribution program processes applications throughout the year. As you can imagine, peak volume occurs during the spring and summer months. While MSAA works diligently to process as many requests as quickly as possible, extremely high volume can result in delays. To help avoid delays and ensure that you are prepared when the warm weather occurs, MSAA encourages you to plan ahead and apply for cooling products during fall and winter months.

Q. My ice pack is leaking or won't stay cold. Can MSAA replace it?

A. As part of the program, all cooling products include two sets of ice packs as an additional value for our clients. According to the manufacturers, the ice packs are extremely durable and should maintain cooling efficiency for a period of at least five years or greater. Also, when not in use, the manufacturers recommend storing the packs in the freezer to help preserve their efficiency. If you are in need of replacement ice packs, we suggest that you first contact the manufacturer that provided your vest to see if they can assist you. There may be a small fee associated with this replacement.

Q. Does your Cooling Equipment Distribution program offer air conditioners or fans?

A. No, MSAA's cooling program offers ice-pack cooling vests. For assistance in finding additional resources, please contact MSAA's Client Services Department at (800) 532-7667, extension 154.

Equipment Distribution

Q. I don't see the item I want listed on your application. Can you help me purchase it?

A. Unfortunately, MSAA is limited to providing the items currently listed in the application. For assistance in finding additional resources, please contact MSAA's Client Services Department at (800) 532-7667, extension 154.

Q. How will I receive the items?

A. MSAA ships requested equipment using standard UPS ground delivery. Depending on where you live, delivery usually takes three to five business days. Due to costs, MSAA does not include signature service on delivery and cannot guarantee a delivery date or time. MSAA does not provide clients with tracking information.

MRI Institute

Q. How much do you pay of my MRI bill?

A. For individuals of low/moderate income who do not have medical insurance (including Medicare), MSAA will pay 100% of your bill if you follow the procedures outlined in the application.

Q. I have insurance, will you still help me?

A. For individuals of low/moderate income who have medical insurance (including Medicare) but are unable to meet co-payment, the MRI Institute will pay your co-insurance.

Q. I have a high deductible insurance plan, will you help me?

A. If you meet the income guidelines, MSAA will evaluate your individual policy. In some cases your insurance will be bypassed and MSAA will pay for your MRI in full as long as you follow procedures outlined in the application.

Q. Where do I have to go for the MRI?

A. If MSAA is fully responsible for your MRI, you will be sent to an MSAA contracted facility as close to your home as possible. If you have medical insurance (including Medicare) you must use a facility that is designated as in-network by your insurance.

Q. What if my doctor writes the MRI order for more than one area of the body - can you help with all of the costs?

A. MSAA will only pay for an MRI of the brain. You can call the MRI Institute at (800) 532-7667, extension 120 for advice on getting help from another source for the additional MRIs.

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