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Program Notes

MS Experts May Be Accessed Through Your Computer: Let Them Help You

On-demand... 24 hours a day... Seven days a week... Whenever you need them... Whenever it's most convenient for you...

All of the above phrases accurately define MSAA's educational video series, A Closer Look. These can be accessed at as part of our latest program initiative, Multiple Sclerosis information (MSi). Now featuring the eighth video, A Closer Look at the Emotional Impact of MS, this ever-growing video library offers a wealth of information from top medical experts and people living with MS. The information is presented in a relaxed interview style, similar to popular TV talk programs. Also, the interactive video player allows viewers to select areas of interest throughout the entire program, read along as it is playing, print full transcripts from a PDF file, and, most importantly, ask a question electronically to the MSAA Helpline staff.

"Imagine having immediate access to some of the best MS healthcare professionals in the country - right at your fingertips, right in the comfort of your own home," states Bob Rapp, MSAA vice president of programs and evaluation.

"And, they are discussing important issues about real-life situations that impact MS clients on a daily basis. It's a powerful use of technology and one of the most effective ways MSAA can help our clients to get useful, accurate information that's so critically needed to manage the ever-changing course of MS."

Beginning with the latest video, A Closer Look at the Emotional Impact of MS, we took the opportunity to highlight (below) quotes from a sample of MSi videos to peak your interest in these exceptional programs. We invite you to view these and future videos in part or in their entirety on our website. You may also obtain copies on DVD through MSAA's Lending Library.

Allison Shadday, LCSW and MS client, quoted from A Closer Look at the Emotional Impact of MS:

"Having a disease like MS can challenge our self-esteem on so many levels - we go through many different changes... The one message I really try to get across to clients is that the beautiful thing about self-esteem is that we get to decide for ourselves how we view and value ourselves ... So if we're feeling good about ourselves, regardless of what we're physically doing but in regards to who we actually are being, other people will pick up on that cue and they'll value us for the same reasons."

Jack Burks, MD and MSAA's chief medical officer, quoted from A Closer Look at Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms - Part 1, Effective Symptom Management:

"Patients want to know how the treatments are working, are they getting the maximum benefit from the treatments? And these are very difficult questions to answer sometimes, because we have to have realistic expectations between the doctor and the patient ... So it's a partnership between the patient understanding what are the realistic expectations and the doctor explaining those in a reasonable timeframe... Establishing a good relationship with your doctor is incredibly important. "

Allen Bowling, MD, PhD and member of MSAA's Healthcare Advisory Council, quoted from A Closer Look at MS and Complementary and Alternative Medicine:

"In terms of the area of mind-body medicine, there's some evidence for meditation having beneficial effects for people with MS. There's a very high quality study done of yoga, looking at yoga and the various MS symptoms. And what was shown in that study was that yoga or a standard exercise program can be quite helpful in terms of decreasing MS-related fatigue. "

Antoinette, MS client and participant of the MSAA MRI Institute, quoted from A Closer Look at the Value of MRIs:

"There's nothing scary about having an MRI. It's just an inconvenience if you think about it. It's one of the easiest tests in the world. The reason I did the interview today is because I want to let my fellow MSers know that there is hope out there and there is the opportunity to get MRIs. "

Additional MSi videos are posted on MSAA's website, offering valuable information and resources. These include:

  • A Closer Look at the Importance of MS Treatment Adherence
  • A Closer Look at the Future of MS Research
  • A Closer Look at Intimacy and Multiple Sclerosis
  • A Closer Look at Clinically Isolated Syndrome and MS

For more information, please visit MSAA's website at, or call MSAA's Helpline at (800) 532-7667.


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