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Group Order Forms for The Motivator

Please note that all information published by MSAA is to increase one's awareness of MS, its symptoms, and its treatments. These publications should not be used to determine or alter a treatment plan. Anyone affected by MS should consult his or her medical professional for management of the disease and its symptoms.

All of MSAA's publications, including our quarterly magazine, The Motivator, are supplied and shipped to individuals, healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, and other interested parties, at no charge.

To obtain copies of these publications, please complete the order form for the publication you would like to receive or call MSAA at (800) 532-7667. Individuals who request more than 25 publications will be contacted by an MSAA representative.

Issues of The Motivator

Cover of The Motivator - Summer/Fall 2015SUMMER/FALL 2015: Wellness in MS

How good food choices, exercise, correct posture, and other lifestyle changes can have a positive influence on your overall health.
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Cover of The Motivator - Winter/Spring 2015WINTER/SPRING 2015: Cognitive Issues with MS: Research, Strategies, and Support

Study results and treatment strategies for this challenging symptom are presented.
This publication is out of stock.

Cover of The Motivator - Summer/Fall 2014SUMMER/FALL 2014: Care Partners: The People Who Make a Difference in Our Lives

This article highlights the responsibilities, challenges, and rewards of caring for a loved one.
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The Motivator Winter/Spring 2014 Publication CoverWINTER/SPRING 2014: The Emotional and Psychological Symptoms of MS

Symptoms and treatments for depression, anxiety, and PBA are given, along with important information on how these symptoms affect roles and relationships, sexual function, and self image.
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The Motivator Summer/Fall 2013 Publication CoverSUMMER/FALL 2013: Managing the Physical Symptoms of MS

Topics include mobility, spasticity, tremor and balance, bladder and bowel, sexual dysfunction, speech and swallowing, and weakness.
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Cover of The Motivator - Winter/Spring 2013WINTER/SPRING 2013: The Hidden Symptoms of MS

Hard-to-see symptoms including pain, fatigue, sleep, cognition, and vision are examined in this article.
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The Motivator Summer/Fall 2012 Publication CoverSUMMER/FALL 2012: The Evolution of MS Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care

Seventeen experts in the MS field talk about the many developments leading to today's protocol for caring for individuals with MS.
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The Motivator Winter/Spring 2012 Publication CoverWINTER/SPRING 2012: The Benefits of Physical and Social Activity

This article reveals the therapeutic value of exercise and friendship for members of the MS community.
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The Motivator Summer/Fall 2010 Publication CoverSUMMER/FALL 2010: Multiple Sclerosis Research Update

A comprehensive overview of the eight FDA-approved disease-modifying therapies used to slow MS activity (including the newly approved oral therapy, Gilenya), and initial findings on many of the experimental treatments in development for the treatment of MS.
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The Motivator Fall 2009 Publication CoverFALL 2009: Men's Health

MS-related health issues and strategies to promote physical and emotional wellbeing.
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All recent issues of MSAA’s magazine, The Motivator, may be viewed and downloaded by visiting The Motivator.
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