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Bruce Makous Photo
Bruce Makous
Thoughts about Giving

By Bruce Makous
Vice President of Development

A Legacy of Goodwill

Many different types of individuals give generously to MSAA each year. Some of these thoughtful people also choose to continue to contribute through testamentary gifts. In doing so, they create a legacy of goodwill that will live on and continue their support for the MSAA community into the future.

Gift Annuity Illustration Chart

A donor may create a philanthropic legacy in a number of ways. Most often, people contribute a portion of their estates after death. These generous individuals remember MSAA and the people we serve through a charitable bequest. Frequently, these are individuals who have been part of the MSAA community for many years and who also want their support to continue after they are no longer able to give.

I was recently saddened to learn that Stanley, a generous man from New York who had been contributing faithfully for 11 years, had died. His estate attorney notified MSAA that we were the recipient of a five-figure bequest to help us meet our priority needs.

In another instance, Mary, a generous supporter from Texas, contributed annually to MSAA for more than twelve years. After she died in 2007, her executor informed us that we were the recipient of a generous mid-five-figure bequest.

A third, very generous person from Washington has indicated, while she is still living, that she has created a six-figure endowment which will be funded through an estate gift. Her funds will provide annual support for MSAA's Equipment Distribution Program to help people with MS for many years to come.

President's Circle Reception Photo 1 President's Circle Reception Photo 2 MSAA supporters Yolanta Khalil-Maczynaska and Jeanette Elsner (top photo) were among the gathering of numerous MSAA supporters from Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

Herb and Selma, a generous couple from Florida, decided to establish their legacy during their lifetime by creating a gift annuity fund. The couple will receive income for life, and in the future, after both are deceased, MSAA will receive the balance of the fund to support its programs. This is a good way to fund a legacy gift today while the donor continues to receive the financial benefits from the funds.

The MSAA Legacy Circle is one way that we provide special recognition to all of our donors who make planned gifts. Any individual who remembers MSAA in his or her will, or establishes another form of legacy gift, is recognized through the MSAA Legacy Circle.

Through all of these legacy gifts, the goodwill of generous individuals toward MSAA, as well as their relationships with us, will live on. We greatly appreciate all that our supporters do to enrich the lives of individuals with multiple sclerosis.

President's Circle Reception in New York City

MSAA was pleased to hold a special reception for its supporters in the New York City area at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Attendees at the packed, standing-room only event were able to tour the museum exhibits, and MSAA had the opportunity to show its appreciation for their support.

MSAA President and CEO Douglas Franklin, along with members and officers of MSAA's Board of Directors, had the opportunity to personally thank MSAA's donors and volunteers in the area. MSAA's President's Circle program provides special appreciation for loyal and generous donors. More than 350 individuals from across the country currently receive recognition as President's Circle donors.


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