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Greetings from MSAA's New Vice President

Bruce Makous Photo
Bruce Makous

I have been on the job nearly seven months, and I find that the work is becoming more and more exciting every day. MSAA is a very inspiring organization, regularly receiving warm appreciation from clients, as well as national recognition for the high quality of our programs.

This culture of excellence creates an outstanding environment for fundraising success. I am delighted to be working to help raise support for this worthy organization.

In my 25 years in the fundraising profession, I have worked at a number of nonprofits – in arts and culture, education, social services, and most recently, with a cancer-research organization. In that time, I have never served in a position that has as much personal resonance for me as MSAA.

This is because I recently celebrated my silver anniversary, 25 years of marriage to my loving wife Bobbie, and Bobbie has MS. I have been helping her through these years with the day-to-day challenges that come with her condition.

Photo of Bobbie Bobbie Makous has loved to garden since she was very young. Diagnosed with MS thirty-two years ago, she has found working outside to be more and more difficult, especially in the summer heat. Bobbie's cooling hat allows her to spend more time in her garden during the summer, despite the rising temperatures.

I have found that the one thing that has remained the same during all of these years is the constant presence of change. Whether with mobility, career, therapy options, heat management, exercise, gardening, travel, or any of the many facets of Bobbie's life, there are always new challenges to face.

MSAA helps Bobbie and others like her, as well as spouses and care partners like me, overcome challenges. I feel extremely privileged to have this opportunity to help people living with multiple sclerosis lead enriched and fulfilling lives.

The show of thanks we regularly receive at MSAA from appreciative clients is the most meaningful reward for our efforts. I am delighted to work with the entire MS community to support these valued programs and services.

— Bruce Makous, Vice President of Development

MSAA's Gift Annuity Program

In April, Herbert and Selma Weisz established a gift annuity with MSAA. The couple will receive income from this gift throughout their lifetime.

"I am delighted to be able to support MSAA through a gift annuity program," said Herbert Weisz. "I had been supporting MSAA through annual contributions, and decided I wanted to establish a legacy gift, too."

A gift annuity is an excellent way for donors to create a legacy fund with MSAA, while also continuing to receive income from that fund.

Attention: Artists with MS

MSAA is having a contest for artists with MS willing to donate original artwork. Winning artwork will appear on MSAA greeting cards, calendars, and other items distributed by MSAA.

To receive contest guidelines and instructions for submitting your art, please send an email to Artists without internet access may call MSAA at (800) 532-7667, extension 149 for more information.


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