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Home > MSAA Publications > The Motivator > The Motivator: Summer 2007 > Program Updates...Including MSAA's First MSi Website Video
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Program Updates...Including MSAA's First MSi Website Video

"A Closer Look" at the Multiple Sclerosis Information (MSi) Program

A Closer Look Video Screenshot

Multiple Sclerosis Information (MSi) is MSAA's new technology program, launched in June on our website MSi features a video program titled A Closer Look at Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms – Part 1. This video is divided into four segments and features four MS experts sharing their knowledge on various MS symptoms. Below is a description of the four segments:

Segment 1: "Effective MS Symptom Management," with Jack Burks, MD.
Key points covered: learning about the various MS symptoms, understanding your safety zone, having good communication with your doctor, coping with stress, and the importance of staying active and involved.

Segment 2: "Understanding Depression and MS," with Allison Shadday, LCSW.
Key points covered: distinguishing between sadness and depression, recognizing why depression is a common MS symptom, and learning how to treat depression.

Segment 3: "Learning about Involuntary Emotional Expression Disorder (IEED)," with Daniel Wynn, MD.
Key points covered: defining this lesser known MS symptom, discussing the behaviors of IEED, advice on coping with the condition, and learning about treatment options.

Segment 4: "Managing Spasticity," with Donald Barone, DO.
Key points covered: understanding muscle function and the issues of spasms and contractures, discussing the effects of spasticity on those with MS, plus learning about medical treatments and rehabilitation options.

Viewers can watch the video in its entirety or select specific section(s) of interest. Program features allow viewers to email the video's link to a friend, and the capability to print a transcript of the video.

The development and implementation of MSi is made possible through the funding support of EMD Serono, Inc. and Pfizer Inc, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Medtronic Foundation, and The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey.

As the MSi program expands throughout the year, MSAA will continue to produce and release a host of informative half-hour to one-hour web videos, covering such topics as the value of MRIs, the need for early treatment, stress management, and many other real-life issues important to you and your family. We welcome and encourage you to visit the MSAA website and access these informational videos as they go online throughout 2007.

Cooling Equipment Distribution Program

Cooling Equipment Distribution Program Photo

Hot summer days often lead to hot summer nights. In an effort to relieve some of the symptoms associated with the heat of the evening, MSAA now offers a cooling pillowcase made by Polar Products, Inc. The pillowcase features pouches that contain soft ice packs. The pillow is designed to help individuals get relief for those nights where the temperature is just too hot to get a good night's rest. To request an application for cooling equipment, please visit or call MSAA at (800) 532-7667, extension 130.

Home Modification Program Update

Due to extraordinarily high demand for the Home Modification Program, MSAA is temporarily suspending this service and is no longer accepting applications for the waiting list. You are welcome to call a Helpline consultant at (800) 532-7667 for possible resources in your community.

New Video Available in the Lending Library

A video titled Talking with Your Children about Multiple Sclerosis: A Place to Begin, is now available to clients through MSAA's Lending Library Program. The video features three families with a parent who has MS. The video also includes an animated explanation of MS, a section with advice from parents who have MS, as well as a section with resources for families coping with MS.

The video is provided by Direct Health Media, which is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to educating patients, their families, and their caregivers, about specific disease information and related topics. Talking with Your Children about Multiple Sclerosis: A Place to Begin is also available in Spanish.

— Amanda Bednar


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