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Program Notes

Coming Soon: MS Videos and More on MSAA's Website

It's almost hard to believe that we celebrated the beginning of the new millennium more than seven years ago. Also just as amazing has been the rapid and continuous advances of technology, especially with regard to how we communicate and share information electronically.

As a way to boldly embrace this new era of electronic communication and reach out and deliver service to more clients than ever imagined, MSAA proudly announces the creation of a new program initiative known as MSi, or Multiple Sclerosis Information. Through the portal of our enhanced website,, MSi will offer an extensive library of on-demand video programming, webcasts, professionally monitored chat rooms, and additional interactive communication features that bring knowledge and empowerment right into the privacy and comfort of a person's home.

In addition to providing high-quality and up-to-date information about successfully managing MS, MSi video programs will incorporate problem-solving techniques into each piece, giving viewers an extensive resource guide to help clients acquire the support they need. Also, as a way to personalize this somewhat distant form of communication, viewers will be encouraged to submit individual questions electronically to our highly trained Helpline staff, complete online evaluation surveys, and join periodically scheduled live chat discussions with the nation's top healthcare professionals. All video programs will feature search capabilities, printable transcripts, and the built-in technology to recognize a computer's compatibility to operate with dial-up, DSL, and broad-band connections.

The development and implementation of this exciting new program is made possible through the funding support of: Serono, Inc. and Pfizer Inc; Berlex, Inc.; Avanir Pharmaceuticals; The Medtronic Foundation; and Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Jersey. The first web video currently under development is a 60-minute presentation which will provide insight and advice on effectively managing MS symptoms. This video will shine the light on the lesser known conditions of depression, spasticity, and involuntary emotional expression disorder (IEED).

As the MSi program expands, MSAA will produce and release a host of informative half-hour to one-hour web videos covering such topics as the value of MRIs, the need for early treatment, stress management, and many other real-life issues important to the MS community. We welcome everyone to visit our soon-to-be upgraded website and to access these informational videos as they become available online throughout 2007.

Staying Cool

As summer approaches, the heat and humidity can often cause adverse effects for individuals with MS. Recognizing this, MSAA provides special cooling apparel at no charge through its national Cooling Distribution Program. This program features five different cooling kits which include a vest, collar, and set of wrist bands. These three products address the primary cooling points on the body (torso, neck, and wrists).

Clients eligible for the program will be able to choose one of the five cooling kits that best fits their needs along with two accessories. MSAA encourages interested clients to contact MSAA before the busy summer season is quickly upon us. Readers may call (800) 532-7667 or download the application forms at

Staying Safe and Comfortable

A recent letter from a client's occupational therapist (OT) was faxed to MSAA and it stated, in part, "As her OT, I have made several recommendations to her and her family about proper adaptive equipment that would both aid her safety and independence, but her family was not able to afford these items. That is when I found your website and this wonderful program you have established for people living with MS. She would greatly benefit from these items we have selected from your list and would be able to use these pieces of equipment for a long period of time whether her MS is in remission or if she has a relapse."

This letter is referencing MSAA's Equipment Distribution Program. Clients who apply to the program may be eligible to receive a wide array of medical-safety products such as grab bars, shower chairs, and bed rails, as well as daily living aids ranging from "reachers" to special wide-grip utensils. Other equipment programs offered by MSAA include the use of portable ramps and the provision of walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters to assist with mobility needs. Clients interested in any of the above equipment items may contact MSAA at (800) 532-7667 or download the application forms at

- Peter Damiri


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