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The Motivator: Winter/Spring 2011 Cover

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The Motivator: Winter/Spring 2011

Cover Story

Family Genes and MS: Just One Piece of the Puzzle

By A. Dessa Sadovnick, PhD
This issue's cover story reveals many important findings about genetics and environmental risk factors associated with MS.


Up Front

By Douglas G. Franklin
MSAA's president and CEO talks about programs and services, including MSAA's new mobile application, My MS Manager.

Program Notes

By Robert Rapp and Peter Damiri
MSAA's new S.E.A.R.C.H.SM program is announced, which is designed to provide vital assistance to individuals searching for the right MS therapy.

Ask the Doctor

By Jack Burks, MD
MSAA's chief medical officer answers questions sent in by readers.

Research News

By Susan Wells Courtney
Topics include Cladribine Tablets, Nuedexta, and MSAA survey results.

Thoughts about Giving

By Neal Zoren
"Getting to Know You" is the theme for this issue's column.

Health and Wellness

Written by Maryann B. Hunsberger
This article provides quick instruction for some fun crafts, along with an interview with an occupational therapist.

Stories to Inspire

By Kristen Mishler
One of our readers writes about achieving her own personal best.

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